A short article on our work in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology news.

Our advisory committee continues to grow. See our September 2022 press release.

Another new member for our advisory committee. See our June 2022 press release.

Read about our newest committee member in our March 2022 press release.

YCharOS is the proud winner of the Neuro-Irv and Helga Cooper International Prize in Open Science.

Read about our new committee members in our November 2021 press release.

Read our June 2021 press release about our new Industry Advisory Committee and open data release.

A collection of publications that explain YCharOS and the antibody problem:

  • The standardized antibody characterization protocol, openly available on Protocol Exchange, thats serves as a research resource to promote reagent validation and facilitate data reproducibility

  • The seminal eLife paper outlining our characterization methodology.

  • The accompanying editorial in The Scientist entitled Scientists Need to Demand Better Antibody Validation.

  • The 2015 Nature article that outlines the issues caused by variable antibody performance.

  • The 2020 Nature Methods article looking at developments in the antibody industry and includes YCharOS.

  • The 2020 Nature article looking at the current state of antibody characterization and includes YCharOS.

  • A short video summarizing the work we are doing at YCharOS.

  • A webinar on antibody characterization in conjunction with GeneTex (free registration required).

  • A news story from Horizon Discovery about our partnership.

  • A news story from on the AD Knowledge Portal about YCharOS.